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Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Greenpeace’s canned tuna distortion campaign continues unabated with increasingly frantic and desperate appeals that suggest its campaign might be bringing in the requisite number of robo-signatures but not the green it’s intended to produce.

Today the distortion engine is revved up and sees Greenpeace claiming that it’s tried to start a “constructive dialogue” with tuna companies and been rebuffed. This is more than it’s usual shading and twisting, it’s an outright, bold-faced lie. Greenpeace has been offered a seat at the table with the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation, along with all the other responsible international environmental groups, and has simply refused to join that dialogue.

Greenpeace also claims that the New York Times has opined that it would be easy to support a tuna boycott. What? A food blogger reprints Greenpeace talking points and Greenpeace claims that’s a New York Times endorsement? Not to put too fine a point on it but… how stupid do they think people are? If a New York Times opinion blogger said Mickey Mouse would be a good chief executive would Greenpeace suggest the Old Grey Lady had endorsed a cartoon character for the presidency?

The fact is Greenpeace is used to lying and getting away with it, while using those deceptions to raise cash. Perhaps this campaign isn’t bringing in the bucks and frustrations are running high so they’ve charged up the ole deceit-o-meter.

Watch this space for more on Greenpeace’s funding and falsehoods.

Posted by TFT-Staff

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