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Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Greenpeace recently posted another shock and gore video meant to illustrate its commitment to tuna sustainability. The anti-seafood activists claim they are deeply concerned about tuna bycatch, that is, the fish you unintentionally catch when you are fishing for tuna. Greenpeace appears to believe the mere existence of bycatch is proof that modern fishing methods are unacceptable. This is an absurd and ultimately uninformed stance.

Bycatch is and has always has been a natural part of fishing. Since the beginning of time anyone who has ever put a hook and line in the water knows that it’s an inexact science that has seen quantum leaps in improvement

Greenpeace fails to mention modern techniques have increased efficiency and reduced the bycatch associated with tuna fishing year after year. Today, tuna bycatch is on average about 5% of the total catch. So, for example, tuna fishermen catch the skipjack they are fishing for 95% of the time.

Moreover, the tuna community is working hard to improve already remarkable bycatch rates like that. The International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) has brought together scientists, commercial fishermen, seafood supply chain experts, biodiversity advocates to develop new and more effective ways to ensure tuna sustainability. (Read ISSF’s take on bycatch here.)

What’s Greenpeace’s reaction to all this improvement? They have steadfastly refused to participate in or support ISSF research. Instead, they claim to have all the answers already in hand. Their sustainability solution? Ban modern techniques and transition back to catching each tuna individually by hand. That’s hardly a realistic idea given that worldwide demand for tuna exceeds 200 million cases each year.

What’s one to make of the disconnect between Greenpeace’s supposed concern about sustainability and its obstinate rejection of science-based approaches? It’s simple. Greenpeace is not serious about improving the ways we get our seafood. It’s doubtful they give a hoot about tuna or turtles or anything lacking the opposable thumbs necessary to write a check.

Greenpeace is in the business of creating a crisis where none exists so they can solicit donations from well-meaning people who truly are concerned about things like sustainability and the environment.

Posted by TFT-Staff

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