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Monday, November 7th, 2011

Greenpeace carries on endlessly about bycatch, the marine life that is also caught when tuna fishing, but in truth simply does nothing about it. Let’s be clear, Greenpeace literally does nothing to study, improve or participate in efforts to limit bycatch. And worse, they impede efforts by making a sideshow of the bycatch issue and blatantly refuse to participate in environmental stakeholder efforts to affect meaningful change.

Tuna companies from around the globe have invested millions of dollars in bycatch mitigation programs and research through the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF). ISSF has already launched the first two of several planned at sea projects which will help identify and develop better practices and new fishing technologies to lessen the impact on marine ecosystems from purse seine fishing on FADs. They have also already hosted by catch mitigation workshops with boat captains and scientists in Europe, Africa, the Pacific Islands and the Americas.

Tuna companies and responsible environmental groups are investing time, money and expertise to reduce an already low 5% bycatch of non-tuna species in purse seine fisheries around the world. In fact, in the western and central Pacific Ocean, where the majority of the world’s tuna is caught, the bycatch rates are even lower at 0.3% for purse seine fishing on schools and 1.7% for purse seine fishing on FADs.)

What’s Greenpeace doing? Spending their donor’s money to produce violent, sexually explicit cartoons that lampoon America’s favorite tuna brands in order…you guessed it: Fundraise.

Greenpeace is out of touch with the millions of families trying to stretch a dollar at the grocery store to buy healthy, affordable food for their family. Instead, Greenpeace is more focused on their struggle to pay for its brand new $32 million yacht … with its helipad … and flat screen TVs (probably so they can watch their cartoons on the high-seas in high-def)..

Which strategy for bycatch reduction would you invest in?

Posted by TFT-Staff

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