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Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

We’ve been telling you all along that Greenpeace needs to raise $700,000 a day just to keep the lights on. Well, here they are reminding us of just that fact this morning. With its morning coffee, Greenpeace sent an e-mail out to its faithful claiming it “urgently need(s) your financial support” and that it “need(s) to raise $60,000 by September 15th,” which is in two days. That’s right—60 grand from hardworking Americans in two days. That’s more than the average American family makes in a year, and Green—emphasis on green—peace wants Americans to simply fork it over in two days…Quick folks, don’t think; just donate. How many snake oil salesmen rely on this approach?

What did they do with the last funds their supporters donated? Create a violent, offensive cartoon and harass US tuna companies. Really? That’s Greenpeace’s tuna sustainability strategy? How exactly do funding childish stunts “help us save the oceans and our environment”? If Greenpeace wants to actually make a difference, it would stop claiming poverty while begging for tens of thousands of dollars in donations to continue “mounting a public campaign” and start donating its own money to real science.

This e-mail begging for more money to continue their campaign so they can “garner media attention” is further evidence that Greenpeace is simply a fundraising machine.

Don’t fall for this financial fish tale.

Posted by TFT-Staff

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