Monday, October 28th, 2013

Greenpeace relies on major donations from distinguished foundations like Tides and Packard, groups that use florid language to set forth high-minded goals. But Greenpeace’s unserious and self-indulgent actions rarely live up to their sponsors’ idealistic rhetoric. Tides was founded by philanthropist Drummond Pike…

…out of “a need to facilitate the giving of philanthropists who were concerned with building a better future for individuals and communities all over the world.” How does Greenpeace produce a better future? By taping music videos such as the Harlem Shake using the donor’s hard earned money.

Tides interim CEO Gary D. Schwartz affirms that his organization “works at the heart of today’s most critical issues, supporting grantees and programs that are core to our country’s nonprofit infrastructure and social service delivery.”

Greenpeace’s idea of core programs include kinky costume parties on boardroom tables, subways and street corners on Tide’s dime.

The highly-regarded Packard Foundation, founded by legendary businessman and philanthropist David Packard and his wife, Lucille, says it is dedicated to “improving the lives of children” and “enabling the creative pursuit of science.”

Greenpeace’s idea of “improving the lives of children” is:

Or video games like “Ocean Apocalypse”

Greenpeace thinks the “creative” part of the “creative pursuit of science” means press driven pseudo-reports that are short on science and long on cartoon illustrations like this:

Packard’s board, chaired by Susan Packard Orr, says it trusts “the leadership of [its] grantees”, like Greenpeace’s executive director Kumi Naidoo, to “make [a] meaningful impact.”

All the while Greenpeace staffers make a “meaningful impact” joyriding by air…

…and sea on their donor’s dollar.

Packard’s board says it is looking for “unique and strategic opportunities to make a difference.”

This is certainly unique, Greenpeace, but we fail to see the strategy to make a difference.

Packard expects “the highest possible standards of conduct and ethics” among its grantees.

Which for Greenpeace includes the regular use of interns to phone-in incoherent prank calls…

Click here to listen to an actual Greenpeace phonecall.

Greenpeace: unsustainable development.

This year, Greenpeace is celebrating its 40th anniversary soliciting mega-donors with extended hands and patting themselves on the back for the “40 years of accomplishments under [their] belt.” So after 40 years of childish antics, will donors like Tides and Packard finally take responsibility for bankrolling Greenpeace’s absurd conduct?

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